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2021 10 Oct 25 Burnside ELC 1877


Children will begin their learning journey with us in the room that suits their age, skill level and needs.

When transitioning into the childcare centre, your child will be invited to stay for some short orientation visits before starting. This orientation will consist of up to 3 visits at no cost, however, we do ask the enrolment process is completed prior to starting.

Our aim is to offer an environment that is not only safe and secure but also has strong links with the home, to make this transition as smooth as possible.

What we do for you

We support our families by making it easier to balance your daily life commitments by providing:

  • Ongoing Communication via Emails, phone calls, Kept Me to keep you informed with photos, videos and updates about your child’s routine.
  • Casual days where possible to help you manage the unexpected changes of work and home life.
  • Assistance with queries on Childcare subsidies and entitlements, to help you make the most of the financial support available to you
  • An educational program that reflects your child’s interests, needs, variety in curriculum, and exposure to a range of cultures and languages that reflects the diverse cultures of our educators.
  • Additional music and soccer programs for your children, which means fewer extracurricular activities that you have to provide.
  • Everything listed below so you have more quality time with your child before dropping off and after picking up.

What to Bring

We like to make life as easy as possible, by ensuring you have to bring as little as possible - just a bag with a change of clothes according to the season, sun-smart clothing and safe, closed shoes. We believe children should be able to explore the environment in comfortable clothing (not their best clothing) as the day can get messy when having lots of fun.

Children under 2

  • Formula or breast milk and bottles (labelled)

The Centre provides:

  • Broad brim hat
  • Linen bag, sheets, blankets, cots, mattresses
  • Sunscreen
  • All meals, water and full cream milk
  • Nappies and wipes