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2021 10 Oct 25 Burnside ELC 2013

Toddlers 2-3 years

Toddlers are very curious. At this age, they are learning to be independent and building confidence through exploration.

The transition from junior babies into the toddler room is an exciting time as children are developing new skills almost daily.

We encourage independence by asking children to:

  • Wash their hands, and face, before and after meals
  • Dress themselves, including shoes and socks on and off.
  • Serve their own food when appropriate
  • Toilet training is supported when they are ready

Language and Numeracy

  • Books are read to children throughout the day, like during group times and cosy book corners. Children are exposed to printed words including their own names for recognition.
  • Ideas are shared through the creation of projects and recording children’s voices.
  • Children are provided with pencils, Textas, crayons and paints to encourage writing and drawing experiences each day.
  • Critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving are an important part of numeracy development. Children are given exercises that involve counting, pattern making and sequencing using various resources such as counters, natural materials, building blocks, measuring, pouring, weighing, balancing etc.
  • We build on the skills children have acquired in junior babies, such as art and craft, music and movement, puzzles and memory games, numbers and letters, culture and language, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability and animal care.
  • Children are encouraged to lead their learning by choosing activities based on their interests.