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2021 10 Oct 25 Burnside ELC 193

Babies 6 weeks - 2 years

We believe in the importance of a happy face when greeting babies, which is why we always welcome babies with genuine warmth and joy.

The Babies area is divided into two groups:

  • Babies 6 weeks-12 months
  • Junior Babies 12 months-2 years of age

Our Educators in the Baby areas cater to your child’s individual needs and routine.

We offer a variety of learning experiences to encourage their developing milestones:

  • Exploration - through a sensory experience of seeing, hearing, smelling and touching to discover the world around them.
  • Identity - learning about themselves by responding to their name or looking at their reflection
  • Language - development through singing, music and reading stories which are incorporated into everyday routines like nappy change and mealtimes. Babies respond through body language, facial expressions and movement to show their feelings.
  • Learning - rolling, crawling, walking, dancing, climbing, balancing, riding and indoors and outdoors
  • Numeracy - counting objects around them, relating to their body parts, “How many hands do you have? “one, two”. Discussing the differences in sizing, “this bear is smaller than the doll”. etc

Our baby areas are designed to provide a safe indoor and outdoor environment to ignite curiosity and ongoing exploration.