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2021 10 Oct 25 Burnside ELC 2818 Edit

Fees and subsidies

Fees Schedule

Fee Type Cost
0–6 year old $127 per day
Casual rate $132 per day
Holiday fee $95 (2 weeks per calendar year)

Childcare Subsidy

  • The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a government subsidy that offers different levels of financial assistance to help cover the cost of childcare for Australian families. How much you receive depends on your individual circumstances. There is more information below about the CCS, how much you can receive and how to apply. Families must apply prior to their child starting at our childcare centre.

When you apply you will need to provide:

1. Combined family income

2. Activity test - activity level for both parents

3. Service type-approved childcare service

Your Combined Family Income

Your family’s combined income will help determine the CCS percentage you’re entitled to. You will need to contact Centrelink when your combined income increases or decreases. This can be done at any time through your Centrelink online account at MyGov.

CCS is linked to how much a family contributes to the Australian economy through activity, both paid and unpaid. This activity level is calculated from the parent with the lowest number of hours of activity per fortnight.

The hours you may be eligible for:

Less than 8 hours -0 hours if you earn above $68,163

Less than 24 hours if you earn $68,163 or below

More than 8 to 16 hours- 36 hours

More than 16 to 48 hours -72 hours

More than 48 hours- 100 hours

  • Paid work
  • All types of work across all jobs/employers
  • Authorised leave (e.g. maternity leave, long service leave, annual leave)
  • Unpaid leave of up to 6 months
  • Unpaid work in a family business
  • Time spent setting up a business that has not yet started to operate
  • Training and study (including additional study outside scheduled hours, holiday and non-class periods)
  • Work experience/internships (paid or unpaid)
  • Volunteering
  • Looking for work
  1. Universal Access: 4 -year-old Preschool programs.
    If a child attends an early educational program at a childcare centre in the year that is 2 years before Grade 1 of school, they are entitled to up to 36 hours of care per fortnight, irrespective of their parent’s activity
  2. Low-Income Families.
    If a family earns less than $65,710 with no activity, then they are entitled to 24 hours per fortnight.
  3. Individuals on Income.
    Support will automatically qualify for 36 hours of activity per fortnight, plus any other recognised activity (e.g. volunteering, studying etc)
  4. Individuals receiving Carer’s Allowance will automatically qualify for the higher of:
  • 72 hours of activity per fortnight, or
  • The actual time spent caring plus any other form of recognised activity

Please speak to the Director if you fall into any of these exemptions

Other information you need to know

  • If your child does not attend the first day they are booked to start and the last day when bookings have finished, Centrelink will not cover subsidy for these days.
  • Eligibility is for only 42 absences in a financial year. If you exceed these absences then Centrelink will not cover the subsidy on future absent days until it resets in the new financial year.
  • Claims for CCS can only be backdated for up to 28 days from the day the claim is lodged otherwise you will be charged full fees and will miss out on receiving CCS.

For more information on this please contact Centrelink or speak to the Director for some guidance on the process. or 131272