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2021 10 Oct 25 Burnside ELC 911


Mealtimes are always a highlight. It’s a great time for children to learn and experience flavours from different cultures. Children learn about their world by discussing the origins of the recipe with their educators.

Good nutrition plays a very important role in children’s physical and mental development, especially in early childhood. Children all have their own unique nutritional requirements, and we aim to support this by having a wide variety of options from the five food groups.

We provide healthy and nutritious meals with locally sourced produce, supplemented with vegetables and herbs harvested by the children from their garden.

We have strict hygiene practices of hand washing before and after mealtimes for both children and educators. Children are given choices and extra serves, plus flexible eating times if required.

Mealtimes are a learning experience. Babies are taught to feed themselves, while older groups learn to use tongs to serve themselves, scrape plates to promote sustainability, and compost or recycle scraps after every mealtime.

Water is essential for good health. In small children, the added fluoride forms strong teeth and helps to prevent decay. Water is accessible all day, with sipper cups for the under 2-year olds and water stations provided in rooms and outdoor areas. At mealtimes, water jugs are available for children to pour their own drinks.

Fruit and Vegetables are served with each meal. Children should be consuming 1 serve of fruit and 3 serves of vegetables up to the age of 3; and 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables between the ages of 4 and 5.

Dietary Requirements

Special dietary requirements for intolerances, medical, cultural or religious requirements include:

  • A vegetarian option available at every meal.
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and soymilk products available.
  • We have an egg-free and nut-free policy.

Allergies and special dietary needs are discreetly listed next to a photo of the child and attached to the food trolley, enabling all educators to be informed.

Nutritional Program

Our qualified chef freshly prepares all of the children’s meals on-site each day.

Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre’s nutritional program includes a 4-week rotating seasonal menu that meets children’s needs.

The following meals are provided each day;

  • Breakfast - cereals and toast
  • Morning tea - Fresh seasonal fruit
  • Lunch - variety according to the season
  • Afternoon tea - finger foods with milk
  • Late snack - assorted healthy crackers
  • Dinner - variety according to the season