Our Childcare Centre

Our Philosophy

We believe children must be provided with many different experiences which allow them to discover their individual learning paths. Children can develop their knowledge through learning respect for themselves and others, socialising with their peers and Educators.

Our core principle is to provide a safe and trusting environment full of various structured, unstructured activities and resources that are age appropriate to ignite and inspire a curiosity to learn. Activities encompass social, emotional, cultural, physical and intellectual areas to ensure a child’s holistic development.  We empower children with the knowledge and confidence to assist their transition into school and the community.

We also believe children communicate and learn about the world around them through speech, writing, movement, drawing, painting, culture, shadow play, sole play, collage, technology and learning through everyday routines. We will endeavour to provide many extra inclusions to enhance their development.

In our centre we empower children to explore their environment through play to develop an understanding of Belonging, Being and Becoming as this will assist them to be successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active informed citizens in their future.

Communicating and liaising with parents and families about their child’s interests, cultural background and daily routines are paramount.  We acknowledge each child comes to our centre with a diverse set of experiences, knowledge, interests and special needs. We create our educational programs to reflect various backgrounds of all children to meet their individual needs.

Equality, inclusion and diversity underpin our beliefs for a strong, supportive community. We appreciate and enjoy the wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds of our community including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders. We strongly encourage families to involve us with their language, culture and achievements by sharing music, art, recipes and celebrations with us.

We believe that the centre needs to play an active role in the community through participating in local activities and incorporating into our programmed activities.

Our Educators are expected to achieve the best professional practice in caring of all children at the centre. Our ongoing training will guarantee this outcome. We have high expectations for all children’s learning and are committed to the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework as well as relating our program to theorists. Critical Reflection and evaluating will assist in extending children’s knowledge on a daily basis and help staff to improve their own practices. We value our staff’s individual strengths and encourage all our staff to work effectively as a team and assist in decision making within the centre.

Careers with us

Burnside Advanced Early Learning Centre is committed to providing quality early childhood education and care. We seek educators with the necessary qualifications to join our team, or a willingness and desire to gain the necessary qualifications.

We have a range of positions available at the service which include:

  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • Diploma Educators
  • Certificate III Educators
  • Traineeship (Certificate III in Children’s Services)

Employment may be offered as full time, part time or on a casual basis.

All completed qualifications are to be ACECQA recognised. A copy will be requested upon successful application. Applicants should be aware that they will be subject to a working with children check upon employment. Contact us.

We require all our educators to undertake first aid training, including asthma and anaphylaxis management.

The service offers in-house workshops relevant to early childhood education throughout the year for all educators to attend in order to expand their skills and professional development.